Luke Hurley Auckland Concert 10th June

Auckland Concert 10th June

Luke Hurley Auckland Concert 10th JuneThe last Auckland concert was a great event but many of you missed out so here is a return event at the same venue on June 10th at 7pm.

Concert runs  from 7pm to 10pm at the Pioneer Women’s & Ellen Melville Hall upstairs off Freyberg Place. Tickets $20 each. If you need to know more call me on 021 0259 2919.

Please come or sponsor someone to come in your place. The last show was a break even exercise so lets make this one a thriver. Been a long time since the last blog. Have been preoccupied with getting the right jive on my playing. One young guy told me he likes my “old fashioned American sound” ha ha.

The great thing about a concert where nothing is on sale is the distraction free atmosphere. No one trying to push alcohol food or other product. It’s completely peaceful. You play. People listen. You can talk about your little babies and no one is going to interrupt with industrial stuffications like grinding coffee and wheezing latte fluffers and clinking drinkers talking incessantly.

After all concerts are meant to be reflective and personal and not the province of merchandisers and money changers but it seems most places wanna be all things to all people and the music is just the lure to get people buying anything that meets the expediency of the moment.

The idea is simple. Play like a bastard. Invite people like you the reader to my shows. Thats it. Very simple. By the way big holdup with the new album. It’s loaded into the post production process but the producer is busy on other projects 🙂

Luke will have other musicians playing as well as a great sound system. Poster – Luke 10June flyer on A3.pdf   Or 2 up flyer for printing.

Here are some notes on the last concert  by a friend and a list of songs played in the first set.

  • “Before the War” on Steve Barkman 12 string. New song.
  • “Nobody is Good” also on SB – new song
  • “Pascals Song” on baritone guitar – new arrangement
  • “Woke up this morning what the difference is”.. not sure what this song was called but on baritone guitar
  • “Make Room” -Takoma 6 string. An old song but completely different sounds when played high on fretboard.
  • “Far away” on Fender Strat. perhaps the first song Luke wrote when he was 12.
  • “New York to Paris” also on Strat.

Be there or be square. Note: The Pioneer Women’s Hall is on the corner of High St and Freyberg Place in Central Auckland right near Metropolis.

$20 a ticket  P.S click on orange buttons below to buy shopping cart. You will be emailed directly by secure PayPal

Please use the buttons below for concert tickets

One ticket $20 (NZD)
2 tickets $40 (NZD)
4 tickets $80 (NZD)
Group of 10 -bring 9 of your buddies & you get a free ticket $180.00 (NZD)

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  1. From Wei Sun via email
    “I stayed outside Base Backpackers today for a bit to listen to you. Much talent. Excellent performance. Unfortunately I only had a dollar cash on me, so here you are 🙂 the Internet is great. Keep up with the amazing work! Wei.”

    Wei used the $3 busker donation button – Thanks Wei – every donation helps.

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