Luke Hurley Concert

Showtime Auckland – 7pm – 18th March

The show on Friday is gonna be Hi Fi.  The sound system is a top of the line Bose system. The soundman is Paul Crowther ex Split Enz drummer and inventor of the world famous hotcake effects pedal.

My guests are Duncan Gilles songwriter and Basant Madur – world renowned tabla player. The venue is a much loved long standing one. The show starts at 7pm and cost is $20 at the door or you can pay online to save time. There will be new songs played on the night. A new album is being mixed and mastered right now. Come along and be among the first to hear those songs along with some old favourites / different arrangements. Come along – save the canaries.

Trying to find a venue wasn’t easy. The auckland city art gallery auditorium was my first approach – such fond memories of doing shows there in the 80s. That venue is now five times the hire cost since Auckland (city) turned into a corporation.

So i had to look elsewhere. That’s when my very kind friend Audrey van Ryn offered to book the venue we are using on Friday. Note: The Pioneer Women’s Hall is on the corner of High St and Freyberg Place in Central Auckland right near Metropolis.

Luke Hurley in concert

Please try to make it and if you can’t then perhaps you could treat a friend to a ticket.
Be safe, talk soon

ps please let me know what you are keen to read about as these blogs depend on your feedback.

For instance would you like me to post up lyrics to my songs/ or tips about places to play/
be part of this please and lets get a two way communication happening.

3 thoughts on “Showtime Auckland – 7pm – 18th March

  1. Of course everybody know where this Pioneer Woman’s Hall is located , say what :-)))

  2. great show matey good sound good music good friendly vibe.
    re your question what to talk about on your blog, I’m always interested to hear about songwriting methods and guitar techniques and even really basic stuff like how to tune a guitar. Why don’t you make it a weekly blog? You could post up a guitar teaching blog once a week and maybe generate some interest in your music lessons? iphone movies are pretty good quality , maybe make a little video teaching your various special techniques eg slide technique, fingerstyle (heart of a child), pick strummy strummy (make room). Let your warm personality and your great sense of humour shine through on the screen!
    Looking forward to the next show already!

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