What a gravy train

Last night my good friend Nev Copland gave me a very expensive ticket to the Eagles at Mt Smart. A highlight was when the crowd chimed in on Hotel California and seemed to know every word of it.

The ticket prices were insane. I had no idea that the showbiz world had managed to schmoooze so much hard earned bread out of ardent punters. Would you pay 700 plus for a ticket? Even a cheap seat was close to 150.

The Eagles are no doubt gifted musicians but their management is pure genius in being able to persuade 70 thousand people to pay HUNDREDS each for a ticket 6 months in advance.

What a gravy train! All costs returned and a MASSIVE profit IN ADVANCE. Two nights could return close to 20 million excluding merchandise and sponsorships etc. It’s nuts.

It don’t take Einstein to work out that there is something overshadowing music here.

I think I will apply for a job like that. Let you know how I get on.

Anyone got the chords to Hotel California? I understand there is plenty of room there. Book me in please.

Want to say a big thanks to Jonathan G for making videos of my songs. If you have time have a look at his work. Here they are below.   Update: Unfortunately Jonathan’s channel and clips seem to have disappeared.

Two Degrees (Out)

Japanese Overdrive

Pascals Song

Auld Lang Syne

Fait accompli (studio version)

First Civilian

Still not a lot of work out there so am keen to play at yours. Any excuse is ok. Just throw a NO REASON AT ALL PARTY and I come play for you. Originals only but I will do you a cover of Hotel California for a donation of 20 million in advance to give me six months to learn the song.

Seriously tho, if you require my services please text me/phone 02102592919 and I will come play for you. Teach you my songs. Read you stories. Anything.Conditions apply. Ha ha.

Anyway – I have to go but I ask of you to PLEASE give us some feedback. Really want to write this blog frequently and if you respond then its gonna give me the input I need to keep cranking

Have an awesome day then write in and tell me about it.

Bye for now


2 thoughts on “What a gravy train

  1. hi Luke
    finally good to see another posting bro. in my opinion, the blogs that get lots of feedback are the ones that are specifically concentrated on one thing only. eg a lady recently got hhheeeaps of feed back after deciding to read one book from every country in the world.
    also you need to be like a periodical and not so sporadic, that way people will really look forward to reading it. Lots of people watch shortland street, why? cause it’s on every weeknight and habit forming. write your blog MINIMUM once a week, although once a day is better. post it at the same time each day so people can look forward to it.
    pick ONE aspect of your career and really hone in on it. for example you could talk to one person on the street every single day for 365 days. ask each person the same 3 questions eg
    1. are you happy?
    2. what are your dreams?
    3. what are you doing here?
    take a photo of each and every person.
    A guy from Japan came and stayed at my house recently, his blog was number 5 most read in Japan or something like that. Why? I don’t know, but his blog was deeply personal and it showed a little glimpse of NZ that Japanese people might not otherwise see. Also he photographed HEAPS of people holding up a whiteboard with their favourite quote or message. Also, and perhaps most importantly, he POSTED REGULARLY. This is your first post in how long? 4 months?
    writing a blog is like writing a song…people think it’s easy but it’s harder than you think. the above posting was kind of okay, but it tells me nothing new, I would expect you to say that about the eagles. how long did it take you to write this blog? 10mins?
    why don’t you spend two hours a day writing, an hour in the morning when you get up and an hour before bed. You’ll soon have lots of good material.

    You could also increase your readership by about 10,000 percent if you got a little help from your friends and translated your blog into Chinese. You might even get a bit of a following going in China.

    “It don’t take Einstein to work out that there is something overshadowing music here.” …? and what is it, why is it? Please elaborate. Analyze not only the eagles but the punters. why do they go there?

    Finally, a lot of your posts are very outward looking glimpses of the world outside. BUT WHAT ABOUT THE WORLD WITHIN? How are you really feeling? What’s it really like to be Luke Hurley? What are your fears, dreams and aspirations.
    I gave my life story to you and about 5 other people and mostly got good feedback. Maybe you should try the same.

    that’s all for now
    a thousand blessings on your family

  2. Hi Luke it’s Patrick from 10 years ago on Queen Street.. I’m still back in Canada and think of those days often. We went to The Pretenders together and hung out quite a bit in those days. Your music, point of view and the way you look at life have always inspired me. I like to read your blogs too. I even quote Pascal from time to time. Do you remember me? Please keep creating and doing it your way (to quote our Burger King) it matters. Yeah the Eagles are great but what have they done lately?

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