Where are the best live music venues in Auckland?

My friend Ulrik the guy who hired me to play in Denmark is coming to visit next month. He wants me to show him any clubs in Auckland where live music happens. Anyone out there know of any? One 2 One is a possible…if you can get in the door. It’s always packed. But where else is there? I am out a touch.

If you are reading this blog could you do me a favour? Write in and share your thoughts. It seems people read the blog but there don’t seem to be much response. I know its not that exciting but it would be a lot better if there was dialogue.

We need dialogue…

What would you like to see on the site? Please let me know. One idea is if I post up lyrics to my songs> Would that be of interest to anyone? Hands up?

Been following the advise of my Irish friend he advised me to “PLAY LIKE A BASTARD” he recommended I forget selling anything and just play.

Phone got stolen so no pics this time. Boo Hoo!

Check out my albums on bandcamp.com best way to support my cause is to buy my albums. When you do that it makes the running of this site for sore ears possible.

Have to give Jason a plug for making this site work. Check out his site also (dialogcrm.com) and if you need help setting one up let him know.

So please let me know what you are into. What books films etc you like fav venues insights anything post it all in and we will post it up. Lets get this circus on the road.

4 thoughts on “Where are the best live music venues in Auckland?

  1. hey matey
    personally the reason i don’t reply is because i prefer face to face contact or, failing that, good old snail mail. why don’t you start an organic, acoustic blog whereby you hand out little tracts as you busk, just detailing your general thoughts for the day, basic stuff, quotable quotes.
    But if you still persist with the computer dialogue, it will eventually come, but then again there are two great tragedies in life. Not getting your heart’s desire, and getting it. If you did get a whole heap of dialogue you would spend more time on computer and less time on the street, sharing your beautiful music with beautiful people.

    1. What you suggest is exactly what I always wanted. Would you be so kind as to leave your snail address so I can put you first on the mailing list .
      Have you heard the saying “Any fool can make things complicated but it takes a genius to make things simple”
      Next time you see me on the street I should have a flyer for you

  2. i always wanted to go busking and give people from all over the world my address, ask them to send me a postcard and then go about building the world’s biggest postcard collection 🙂

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