My new glass guitar slide

After playing at the Tui Community in Takaka I called into STONE ARROW JEWELLERY which is located on the property and asked the owner Nick Feint if he could make me a slide for my guitar.

He immediately asked me to select a bottle that might work and suggested 42 below Vodka. Great! I don’t drink but the alcohol trade has this very useful spinoff just like the baking trade has plastic cards which can be turned into picks!

First he cuts it with a diamond blade…


Nick making the slide – a few more steps.




Nick finishing off the slide he made me out of a 42 below bottle neck. Besides this slide Nick recycles glass to make jewellery which you can see on his website here


Stone Arrow provides for the income of the Feint family Nick, Sybille, Theo and Marty as well as for several local workers.

We are committed to being a socially and environmentally sustainable business and are a member of the NZ Sustainable Business Network. We aim to minimize our footprint on the world in any way we can.”

Which is re-using a bottle neck to make a guitar slide is good for everyone.