The Big Bang -Sound – live at TEDxAuckland 2014

Photo by Alan Ren.

I will be playing a couple of songs at TEDxAuckland. One of those songs will likely be “The Sound” which featured in an un-famous NZ movie called “Insatiable Moon”. Thanks for stopping by.

“It all started with a sound, Look you here this solid ground, We’re living in deep space….for lyrics.”

Here we are at the Aotea Centre doing a ten minute spot Aug 16th. Did three songs, River, Only love and The sound. .”You don’t make money telling the truth” to quote my friend Ed Higby as he gave me a consolation prize of a twenty dollar note.

He advised me to go to the Pacific Islands. That was 20 years ago and i still haven’t gone. Ironically i did get invited to play in Niue just recently and it would be great to go. Somethings gotta come of such events and a booking or two would be great.

Photo by me from the stage

Here is one of the clips from that performance. River.

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  1. Heightened by the flow of emotion that TedX always brings, Luke’s performance was amazing. I live my life through music and cannot wait share his sound with everyone that I know. Luke, you have a new fan.

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