Blaise Pascal Observes

Blaise Pascal observes the absurdity of the human condition when it is out of sync with the divine or “absolute”. He observes the irony of life and the futility of claiming to have great knowledge..

He sums it up here “Instead of complaining that God has kept himself hidden, you will give him thanks that he has made himself so visible and you will give him further thanks that he has not revealed himself to the wise people full of pride, unworthy of knowing so holy a God”. . .

To seek greatness and the esteem of humans was an absurd concept for Pascal. Seeking greatness was to him an act of great folly Pascal turns the world of men upside down.

One key Pascal insight hinges on the recognition of our complete helplessness outside of God.”What astonishes us most is to observe that everyone is not astonished at his own weakness” We are like a reed. Weak and yielding but by some miracle able to think.

If we have any claim to greatness it comes from our ability to think.

“Through space the universe grasps and engulfs me like a pinpoint; through thought I can grasp it”. VOILA!

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