Great Shackleton It’s Good to be Home

It’s great to be back in NZ.

Getting used to the different operating frequency.

Certainly more easy going but its hard to take advantage of this
you soon adjust to the change and do less with more time.

Parkinsons Law …A task expands to fill the time available for its completion
Hence since getting back I have become a star on NZ IDLE
Talent scouts at the Ministry Of Social Development snapped me up
I have a retainer
I have a manager
You the taxpayer are my backer
My time in Euro didn’t make me rich but it was a great eye opener
There was one gig that covered the return trip and the rest was by the seat of my pants
I owe getting there and back to my good friend Ulrick in Denmark
He got me over there and the music club he is part of listened to what I had to play
Such opportunities rarely come your way when you live in a forgotten Colonial Outpost
But it did and the rest in LHM blog history

So people
I am currently ready to roll again
We want to hear from you if you know of ANY venue ANYWHERE that is even VAGUELY interested in having me play
Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease get them to email me at or my long suffering webmeister Jason Kemp
I think this time it would be good to tour NZ OZ