Hello Everybody

Its a real buzz to get so much support and encouragement from y’all
And from Jason Kemp the site manager. He has created a great format for interaction
Please feel free to comment on anything I say or play

Your feedback is the lifeblood of this blog. Finally I got over my luddite distain and decided to write something.

Richard Christie had a good insight about music media.
He points out that the last thing we get to read in the music press is information about THE ACTUAL MUSIC that the subject of the article writes and plays.
We get to read about everything but.
With that thought in mind

lets talk about the music
I have a number of songs ready to set down
Have thought of recording at home on an old school dat machine.
Perhaps that would be good enough

“The Boss” did his Nebraska album on a four track cassette machine did he not?
While Michelle Shocked made her name with the Campfire Tapes recorded on a walkman.
She went on to make more serious albums that lacked the simple charm that got her noticed in the first place
The Campfire Tapes sold real well and would have supported a great solo career of the KEEP IT SIMPLE variety I did a couple of shows with her once ….she didn’t just play solo and the result was less for the more involved if you know what i mean.
Its like the Occum’s Razor thing.
Why do more than you need to if by doing more the result is the same or even less effective?


I kind of did the same.My album MAKE ROOM was the essence of simplicity and it was real popular and the songs spoke directly and fluently. Why? Because in those days I had no distractions. I had one guitar. I was broker than broke.No one was interested in calling round. I absolutely HAD TO write songs or I would have gone absolutely STARK RAVING CUKOO.

what about now? The situation is again the same! I got robbed and am down to one guitar no car very few valuables and

“The barn having burned down I now can see the moon”

Lost some of the following things Nissan Terrano ETT421 with SB guitar inside – in a Taylor semi solid case- as pictured . There is no way the guitar is going to go unnoticed should anyone try to sell it on the open market. Its serial number is SB103 Australian blackwood back, sides and neck Engleman spruce top Wenge fretboard and mapel binding with a nitro cellulose lacer finish

There might be someone out there who would like to bring it to me no questions asked. That person would be greeted with great hospitality. No grudge just need the guitar to go back to its owner.

A shop keeper installed cctv cause he was getting shoplifted in grand style.
The first person to get nicked was one of the staff.
She took something out of a tin.
She put the tin back in its place devoid of its contents.
The act was clear on the cctv playback.
What did the boss do?
He simply delivered the box she had stolen out of and put it in her letterbox.
no note of explaination,nothing.
She returned to the shop on her next shift begging for and receiving forgiveness
He said “You can have anything you like. Just ask me”

“they stole my car they stole my SB guitar”
They could have asked ay?
What’s the big deal? If they have good reason to own those things then why not?
What really annoyed me is the way they then burgled my place.
Presumably they pressed the home key on the Garmin

People have been real kind .
Who would take a car from the 14th floor of a parking building and bowl around to my place and clean it out in BROARD DAYLIGHT on market day Friday (my place is real close to a market) . Where do they get the motivation and the energy? And why did they need things like bank statements and passport? I keep discovering all kinds of stuff they must have taken.The only thing of great value was the SB. Fortunately I have another guitar.Phew! And I have a pen and paper! Just like the old days. Also like the old days no distractions….or are there!

My big distraction at the moment is the guitar school I am setting up. Its going to be a language school/guitar school. ie teaching English and guitar to those who want to learn conversational English while learning to play in my style. Interested in coming to the first free lesson? Let me know. By the way I also accept people who already speaka de English

Again thank you if you read thus far. Please write back to us complaints and compliments are equally accepted. Much I want to say but will say it next time (give me a day or two)

Be kind to yourself