Guitar & Car stolen with other gear – please help

Last Friday Luke’s car was stolen from a carpark in Auckland city. Can you help find the people who did this? If you see the car or the guitar let the police in your area know. ( grey Terrano)

Luke says (on Facebook)

“Yesterday my car(Nissan Terano ETT421) got stolen from the Victoria St carpark and it looks like the thieves used the gps to find my place and stole selected items passport windup record player(of all things) from my residence also.

The biggest loss was the SB six string which was in the car (in a Taylor case). The carpark owned by Auckland Transport has video cameras that could help investigate who took the car but the cameras are only set up to police parking revenue and not to safeguard customers’ property.COWBOY COUNTRY!”

Unfortunately the neither the car nor any of the musical gear nor the household contents  was insured. The police are following up but maybe you can help if you see the car or the guitar and its distinctive Taylor softcase please let the police know.

See pics at left from the side and the front.

The guitar was a custom made 6 string Steve Barkman prototype. It has a distintive SB on the headstock.

For most people the loss of a guitar would be bad but for Luke this is terrible since performing and playing live is what he does for a living.

Thanks to those who have already offered help and support on FB and elsewhere.

Ed says: If you want to top up your music collection use Lukes bandcamp link as it is the fastest way to get $ to Luke and you get music in return.

Do you have a photo of the 6 string Barkman ? If so please email it Luke Hurley to this address

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