Dear friends! Now the silent movie has a piano player. I’ll explain…

6 Luke Hurley albums live on iTunes nowNow that there is music on the site it makes things more interesting cause prior to this it was like a silent movie with no piano player.

Please forgive my (relative) lack of communication up until now but the fact is that I didn’t really have much to offer subscribers cause people want the music and not the blah blah blah.

At last the music is there right in the site and you can listen to anything I have done once all the albums are posted up.Drop me a line with your thoughts about how to  progress this site. Let me know if there are any tracks you would especially like me to include.

I would really appreciate your ideas and questions.Feel free to write to me directly if you have any suggestions/questions/constructive criticisms.

It’s hard to create a site that reflects what I want to present to people. Its hard to know where to start so please give me some clues about what you are interested in……

Note: As of Nov 12th 6 albums on iTunes + The Best of and Insatiable Moon soundtrack.