London Premiere – Insatiable Moon

My friend Ivan  said  that I manipulate my friends to do things for me and then turn around and claim that God helped me. I have to say that there is some truth in this. A lot of people have given me great encouragement and have had little or no mention over the years. I would like to thank Chris and Audrey, Phil Recordin and Shaolin Hu for making it possible for me to go to Europe.

insatiable-moon-filmIt happened years ago but that experience is fresh in my memory. It was my intention to return to London soon after the trip but I stayed here in Kiwi to do my tiny part in the Insatiable Moon movie.

It paid off cause the project looks like its going to roll along nicely and the Premiere in London happens in less than three weeks time. It might be cheeky of me to ask this but if anyone out there is feeling generous could you help me get to this premiere.

Like to thank Jason At Dialog CRM and Elena Panaita for getting some of my albums up on line  . Titles posted up so far  are “Limited Liability”   “High Risk”  And “Make Room” with  “Sister Moon” & “Brother Sun” being posted up next week.

Any suggestions of albums/songs of mine you would like to see on line?Also please give me your suggestions….anything you can think of that would make this site better and better.  By the way    if you want to hear any of the albums mentioned here just go to the site and play the tracks in their entirety for free. If you want physical CDs I have some copies of Sister Moon.

Been on line for years and now for the first time the real advantage of being on line is evident. Until recently it hasn’t been possible to create an e com facility like this. Long awaited and gratefully received. Without  Jason’s expert help this would  still be just a dream. Any musicians out there who want to use Dialog CRM just go to the site www.DialogCRM.Com and fill in the form.You too can have e commerce on your site with a minimum of expense…just talk to Jason. The artwork side of things  was  achieved by Elena Panaita…check her website out…her artwork is outstanding.

Tony Parker has been a huge influence on me over the years. He pointed out a simple rule of thinking to me recently. “Think about what you do want not what you don’t want”.Simple enough but hard to do> I am trying hard to rewire my attitude so that I eliminate thoughts about what I do NOT like and replace them with thoughts of what I DO like. Very simple but totally revolutionary.

Any  fool can make things complicated but it takes a genius to make them simple.

Tony is such a genius. He set his mind on creating the holy grail of educational  paint..a paint  that  completely washes out of clothes. No one has ever done this before. Its a world first. It took him seven years. He set his mind on achieving what was seemingly impossible…The result “Total Wash”. If you ain’t in the paint business this might not seem that exciting but if you are its like in the music world creating a new genre.

That brings me to my goal. Its time for me to start writing in a new way and forget the past. Drawing on past experiences is fine but in future there will be no “getting all bound up” about things and filling my mind with what I don’t want and what I wish I had not done. What a total waste of time that is.

When you think about it we are not only internally inclined to programme ourselves in a negative way…we are also greatly encouraged by the society corporate to think in negative judgmental terms about things. We get dis-empowered by unfruitful thinking and lets face it  its kind of fun to mock and ridicule things and it gives us a sense of superiority if we can rubbish something someone else doesn’t get right but in the end its a TOTAL WASTE OF TIME AND SPACE.

So what do YOU want? Please write and tell me

I will tell you what I want

  1. I want to think straight and quit entertaining what ISN’T and get empowered by what IS
  2. Release all my albums online
  3. Finish the movie me and Simon Raby have been working on
  4. Return favors that people so kindly lent me
  5. Share  stories with you the reader and make sure that I reply to comments sent to me here. Up until now I have been like an absent landlord but now that this is actually a real proper music site I can give it my full attention so please write to me

Talk soon