The Clash of Lifestyles

Luke says Happy New year for 2009.

the clash of lifestyles

Stockholm blues on a sunny day


Note: The video above comes from Lukes perfomance in Stockholm.

Luke was in Stockholm when these photos were taken. He arrived back in London on Jan 5th and staying on in the UK / Europe for a bit longer now. More news soon.

4 thoughts on “The Clash of Lifestyles

  1. Hi Luke,

    I bought the Brother Sun Sister Moon double album. It was purely based upon when me and my friend saw you playing in a corner of Camden on Monday 16th Dec (I think, it was definitely a Monday). She enjoyed you playing and so did I.

    So I bought your album as a Christmas present to her to remember our time there.

    I tried to listen to some of your other songs but it wasn’t easy. I tried iTunes but it only had previews of your Best Of album, not the rest of your collection. I could only scrap together a kind of preview through videos on YouTube.

    But I took a chance on Brother Sun Sister Moon and I’m glad I did.

    I really love the raw power and passion that comes from the pure instrumental songs you play.

    That was what we heard from you in Camden after all.

    Thank you for sharing your music with us. It is incredible stuff.


    Richie G

  2. Richie! Its made my day reading your kind words / with your
    permission would we be able to quote you on the site?
    Go well


  3. Hi Richie,

    (And anyone else looking for songs to listen to.)Thanks for the kind words and for buying the album.

    There are 3 songs on this website linked off the front page and elsewhere. Also there are 4 more songs over on Lukes Myspace page link – also linked off every page on this site in the right hand column right next to the YouTube links

  4. Kia ora everyone from Aotearoa/New Zealand. Let me encourage you to buy everything you can of Luke Hurley’s music. If you like the new stuff you are going to be blown away by the early 80s material. Let’s all support our half cut kiwi that’s finally flown the coop

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