Update:London & Paris Gigs

“Luke’s signature song “Mona Lisa” is about someone who gave up all to leave home to get to see Leonardo’s great work “(“through plate glass they let me see her”) only to find himself bemused and confused by all the incidentals.

He wrote the song out of his imagination and now comes to the Northern Hemisphere for the first time to actually play at the Alma/ London* & the Louvre / Paris and sing the very song that made his name on the far side along with a large repertoire of great songs/instrumentals written over a long and successful career.

(Please note: London concert has changed from 13th to 27th of November . – Paris more details to be released but date and location are – Nov 22: Paris at the Green Linnet )

Not a one hit wonder he also is known for classics like “Japanese Overdrive” “Make Room” “Gravity” (co written with Dave Rob) “Fait Accompli” to name a few and more recently his world winning “The Sound” (five star rated on you tube and released on i tunes UK).

Though out of the limelight for sometime he has worked on further styles of playing to exhibit a guitar style unique to acoustic music.

The instrument he plays is an SB (Steve Barkman) which sounds like a sitar-mandolin-guitar and looks like an ancient type of celtic instrument that somehow never got invented until Steve Barkman created

Luke is renowned for keeping it real and working against the odds to bring high art to the people wherever they may be from on the street to in the concert hall.  Check out this website.

Luke is happy to do interviews if anyone wants to call or send email questions – Contact Luke.