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Do any readers have reviews of Luke at live performances. We’d be keen to read them.

Luke is relatively unknown “up North” and might be good to give everyone a flavour of what his concerts are like.

Here are a couple of examples we came across just recently. Thanks Kay who wrote about a concert on April 24, 2008

from Luke Hurley
Went to see at Backstage last night. Unfortunately we didn’t stay until the end as I had an early start for work the next morning. He threatened to keep singing until 1.00 a.m. … I wonder if he did.

He seems to have boundless energy and an amusing unpretentiousness (“This is a song I wrote outside Arthur Barnett’s”) which is reflected in his music.

I guess his music fits into the folk-rock bracket – however, it is also a fairly organic style, so has the potential to bound away from any attempt to label.

Or this mention from fellow musician Dave Alley at D. Parker & Luke Hurley… noice gig…

“…then Luke comes on to a hushed crowd of committed, and soon to be, fans.

dude plays an immaculate set and regales the gathered throughout with tales of the life of a true troubador.

as a guitarist i sit and marvel, as a songwriter i’m gob-smacked..

as a punter (and sound guy in this case) i simply enjoy…”

Thanks again Kay and Dave.

Write in with a comment or any live concert stories of your own, we’d love to hear them. More news very soon.

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  1. yeah first time i saw luke was j cash style at the chch prison.circa 83..captive audience .. i was lukes driver or was it the getaway enabler…..luke is 399 percent real and rest is all balls … ive gotta mate who is a firm atheist and he really believes lukes music is believable…. so take the ride busk the mart….open the heart to the arrows of luke

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