Live in Belfast

Here is my latest newsflash.

Have been invited to play with a Belfast band THE CORNCRAKES at THE ROTTERDAM in BELFAST on my birthday 31 August that’s this Sunday nite.

Here is a message from the guy who is inviting me to play here (I am in Belfast today Monday doing a lunchtime show)

DAVE ROBB says Hi to anyone who remembers him from the 80s when he toured NZ with the first incarnation of the band RUA (which is still alive and well under another muse).

He has a website  WWW>DAVEROBB>COM or WWW>MYSPACE.COM/daverobbmusic.

Dave has a great style and we wrote track one of HIGH RISK (a song called GRAVITY) together in those days and it got to number one on BFM. The first version never got formally released but we can send a file of it on request to readers of the site. (A version is on “High Risk”)

Have also been invited to play in Sweden. Mama Mia things are looking up.

Please let me know if there is anything I can do for visitors to the site. Its a big world but it feels like a friendly one at the moment

I play MONDAY NIGHTS AT Shebeen Chic 4 S Great Georges St ph 0851186105 to reserve a place.

Musicians elsewhere reading this note that Shebeen Chic is a great place to play so send them your demos and try to get a gig there

2 thoughts on “Live in Belfast

  1. Hi Luke,

    Its me Nina from the streets in Auckland ha ha, remember me the nameless one I have finally chosen one that’s sort of like smith or jones but not! Great to get to your site and that I have a job in Melbourne that allows heaps on internet time so I get the chance to do things like this.. yay for that.

    Sending blessings and Aroha from this end of the world. My parents just came back from 2 months in France/Italy South of London I will be there next year. Looks like you are having a ball glad you are spreading the vibe a mondo

    Go hard!

    xx Nina (now) Brooks

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