chasing light in Dublin

Great to read this morning of a local encounter with Luke in Dublin by photographer Tony Murphy.

“Today while chasing light in Dublin, I met the gifted slide-guitarist and singer/song writer LUKE HURLEY.

Luke was chilling in the glorious morning sunshine in front of the Central Bank in Dame Street.

I heard the distinctive sound of the slide-guitar from a distance and immediately fell under its spell.”….

Thanks Tony

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  1. Nice picture, Luke. Hope you are happy over there in Dublin. Sounds like this…


    That little clip is great! Any more clips of Luke’s groovy styles will be gratefully received down here in little old New Zealand!

  3. cool that you like the photo he is a nice guy the man who took it…wish i could have gone to the festival he recommended i go to. Now have a gig in Dublin at Shebeen Chic best venue in Dublin so come and visit cause i have a gig you can enjoy!

    Dublin is the friendliest city I have ever experienced ….having said that i know nothing about the rest of Europe apart from a moment in London (which was surreal).

    Do you know the word ‘Fromm’ in German? what does it really mean? And the word ‘chaos’ in German. I have a friend who gives me great words to find out about.

    Have a look at THE TRONS on youtube my friend Greg invented them and he got a million hits.

  4. Playing tonight at Shebeen and then Mondays on a weekly basis. there is real work for originals here and not have to rely on the street. what a relief! love the street but it’s not easy to rely on . the world is not tolerant of randoms.thank you Dublin.I understand that Liverpool and Manchester are also supportive of original music.

    seeing myself in the video realise some work to do the image! don’t really have one! Its weird seeing myself…. kind of think that ||”HE” IS a bit of a nutter….then it dawns on me that its ME and I understand now why people tend to call me eccentric and a nutbag. O well its all about the music and I do my best to create music with a heart

  5. I believe fromm in German means piously (according to babelfish)

    Chaos in German is the same as chaos in English. Possibly come to mean different things now. Chaos was originally a Greek word for unpredictability.

  6. Hi Luke,

    Really enjoyed your show last night. Like your style and you can sing as well. I won’t sing for you this time. Sorry I was a bit lubricated hope I didn’t get in the way too much. Enjoy the residency in Shebeen and maybe I’ll pop in some Monday.

  7. Thanks buddy,
    for the music iv had the pleasure to listen in front of that Mc Donalds in Dublin a few days ago.
    You are the man!

  8. Hey there Luke.

    Still feeling my way around here in NZ. Will be racing up to Auckland again briefly tomorrow and there’s lots on… I’m really chasing my tail trying to get things ready that may not even be realistic. So anyway, it’s good to see the picture of you there enjoying yourself. Relaxing and just going with the flow. Think I can learn a lot from you. Hope to see you sometime again in the near future.

  9. Hi Luke
    Sounds like all is going well over there. Will pass on the good news to the whanau!


  10. Hi Luke,
    Great to see you finally shook the NZ dust from your feet and touring!! Have a beer on me!!

    Thinkin of ya. Best wishes. don’t be a stranger in the strange land.

  11. Ha.. great to see you doing what you do so well and people respond to so warmly.

    But the Crocs? Mate!

    Jane and the boys send their love and we look forward to seeing you for a cookup when you are home.

    Take care matey


  12. hey buddy ….. aloha and aroha…. keep it flowin sweet…missin you like the sunshine….. into the sky….. to be happy.. your precious….. time

  13. Hey Luke!
    I’m Stephan, one of the guys from your room in the youth hostel in Dublin.Nice to you again in your vids!
    You’re right, Dublin is one of the friendliest town ever.
    Your show in Sheebeen Chic was great. Enjoyed your music.
    Hope to see you again.

    Get excited! 🙂

  14. hi uncle!
    glas to see you having fun and doing well at the same time.
    All our love and lots of huggles,
    Dunedin Hurley clan xxx

  15. told ya youed like dublin!!! londons a pit. missing you lots shame we couldnet get togerther in uk. next time you over in FIJI come stay. we will ring you. loves and thoughts and all the majikal stuff. from 2 elektrik gypsies.

  16. Shalom Luke !
    Great to hear from you and to see you in the photo, been a long time bro ?
    Lucky Dublin to have you there, shine some of that light of yours on the Celts !
    Still listen to “Stop,Luke,Listen” accasionly.
    G-d bless.
    Your freind always.
    PS, not far to Jerusalem from where you are, Im sure they’d love you in Israel.

  17. Hey man, was listening to ya play outside the bank in Dublin yesterday. (we were the lads who asked if you had any of your cd’s with you, and were juggling.. 😛 ) really amazing playing. keep up the good work!

  18. Seen you in temple bar last night and loved the stuff, especially the improv stuff! Pity them junkies wouldnt let you get on with the jammin..coulda sat for hours listning to ya!

  19. Mr spangle, much love to you, hope you are playing everyday. xx keep going, p.s i know about the factory

  20. Hi Luke,
    Glad to see/hear you have finally made it to UK & Ireland. Hope you get to the Loovvvrahhh in Paris and sing to the crowd around the Mona Lisa.

    Dunedin is ready and waiting for your return as an internationally famous star.
    I have told Mike Moroney of your travels and I am sure we can get you a gig at St.Lees. AND I will even be there if Mike is in charge of the sound.

    I have gone to folk nights there a couple of times and with Mike as sound-man it doesn’t deafen me so I can actually hear some of the lyrics.

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