Lukes UK Tour – Dublin

This week Luke is having a wonderful time in Dublin, Ireland. More news soon once full email, etc. is fully sorted.

If you live in Ireland and especially Dublin want to catch up with Luke please use the Contact form to send him a message.

if you have a cafe or live music venue and want to book Luke please also use the contact form to do that as well.

Check the video and other music links in the posts at left or scroll down the page to view more.

9 thoughts on “Lukes UK Tour – Dublin

  1. You will enjoy Dublin for sure – plenty on there. Many years ago I went to the Irish music awards at the Depot theatre. Watched Once more recently and the city looked even better than I remembered.

    There is also music festival over in Galway that might be worth checking. Among other things you get to see Joni Mitchell’s art for free. I’d love to see John Cooper Clarke myself. On now till end of July.

    There are also big music festivals in Tullamore and Belfast in August if you are still there at that time. This is the first comment on your new blog. Congratulations on the exciting trip.

  2. hi matey! I hope everything’s going really well for you! I’m sure you’re writing one or two great little songs.

    “Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and then go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

    – Harold Thurman Whitman

  3. Fantastic, Luke, that you are in the n. hemi! When I pass the corner of Queen and Victoria in Auckland I see the empty silent space outside Starbucks and think of you. Then I think of your wonderful energising music now on the streets of Dublin and I am so happy that the music is sounding out on these other streets and that other people will be listening to you and also have the opportunity to converse with you.

  4. Hi Luke,

    I saw you in Dublin on Friday and you were in great form.

    I hope you’re enjoying yourself.


  5. Luke, you are world class and the world needs to hear you, so Auckland is just going to have to do without you for a while. Great to hear you are having a wonderful time in Dublin. I’d like to hear some details! I’ve never been there and as you know I’m a bit of a traveller, so tell me why Dublin could be a destination for me and what I would take photos of if I were there. I’m sure the Dubliners are appreciating you. What is their favourite song? Do they know where Auckland is? Do they know where NZ is? Best wishes for the rest of your tour.

  6. Hi Luke,
    great posts here. I see that there are lots of people that love your music like me. All around the world! Hope you are coming to Germany soon some day. Here are also great places to play, I guess. Enjoy your time in Ireland! Btw did you find good coffee there :)?

  7. Luke…so pleased you are over in Dublin and turning heads and turning on hearts. You are a gem. Have sent the odd txt but suspect you have no cell with you!! If you want a night off the road and some good Brit hospitality give me a call on Skype…(as emailed)…and I’ll give you my family home address etc. We are still laboring away here in NZ and you guessed it…as ever…busy!!! sad eh!!
    Love ya bro

  8. Hi Luke!
    I had a great time listening to your music, there in Dublin. Now, the only thing I have left here is your cd (some really nice songs by the way). It’s already something you can say, but not quite the same as in the street. I hope you can continue to shine in the bad weather of Ireland. And, if you pass through Belgium, don’t hesitate to give some news, I’ll be glad to see you again. The world needs your music !

  9. Hi Luke,

    I was enjoying a chowder in Temple Bar on a Sunday eve when you set up to start playing.

    Your beautiful music drifted across to where I was and totally captivated me!

    Thanks for the music Luke and for the chat. And for allowing me to film a short clip as a memento.

    I hope you enjoy your time in Ireland.

    Once again, thank you!!

    Regards, Christine 😉

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