Mona Lisa

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I’m in love with the Mona Lisa
Through plate glass they let me see her
Winning smile millions feed her
I’m in love with the Mona Lisa

Take your plastic money your color T.V.
Sell it with your house if you want to go see
A Leonardo Da Vinci
Well that’s good enough for me

Sold my house sold my car
I even sold my Martin guitar
Sold my house sold my car
I even sold my Stratocaster
I was going to get to see a Leonardo Da Vinci
It’s good enough for me if it’s good enough for you

Cruising high in a 747
Cruising high feeling like I’m in 7th Heaven
Air Hostess pours a G & T I’m feeling right friendly
But you’re not (the) Madonna

Got to Paris took a taxi to the Louvre
Feeling jet lag (but just like Madonna I’m in the groove)
And there’s Japanese Cantonese Lebanese
Vietnamese Taiwanese Siagonese Ceylonese
Turning into Sri Lankese Kiwis & god damn Yankees
They’re not singing my song they’re singing Paul Simon . . . They’re singing

I got a Nikon camera
Gotta take a photograph
Momma don’t take my Kodachrome away . . . cause

When I got to see that picture
cut those social financial strictures
When I got to see her
She was just a . . . Like that national TV Commercial
With a crack in the plate glass
But she’s got no arse . . .

. . . I’m in love with the Mona Lisa
I’m in love with a Leo Nardo Da’Vinci
I’m in love with a British Airways Hostess
Who’s nice to me
I’m in love with Madonna
In the groove
Jet lagged dirty yeah
See you later

Up until now my knowledge of Europe is based on childhood memories of holidays in Rome mixed with memories of movies seen since….”Mona Lisa” was inspired by Eli’s comments about The Louvre and how visitors seem to virtually ignore the variety of its great works in preference for the most famous ones and in this song you’ve got the whole cast of snake oil merchants trying to sell us anything and everything…………

“Do you want to buy a watch or a dee wee dee”. The last line of the song which I didn’t add in this recording goes “And now they’re trying to tell me that its the old boy himself in drag”.

My understanding of Leonardo is that he made his fortunes inventing weapons of war  (be great to get some information from readers about thoughts on Leonardo).

The “Big OE” is something that is a part of our culture here (NZ) being that we are so isolated. Why do we have to have an OE (again it would be cool to get some ideas on this issue). Write a comment below.

Listen to the song here.