The Sound on YouTube

Here is a Random comment from PsyDivison (6 months ago)

“I just love this man!
On my NZ journey i met him twice performing this song on queen st cnr wellesly rd, as kind of an extended instrumental version, that would last for hours and hours.

It was a sunny day and i couldn’t help but sing and hum along with the overtones, every time the deep bass hit me it sent me shivers of joy down my spine and simply hypnotized me back then!

In fact I never thought to be able to hear this song ever again, so thanks a million times for posting, mate!”

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3 thoughts on “The Sound on YouTube

  1. I saw Luke Hurley perform this in the right environment. And that was an old wooden church in Ponsonby, Auckland New Zealand.
    The acoustic don’t come any better for a live performance. Luke was in top form and the audience just exploded at the end, stamping their feet etc. It was one of many of Luke Hurley performances I will never forget.

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