Reflections on the remains of the day

i often feel kinda low biorhythmically especiaĺly earlier in the day. By the time the office workers are heading home i start to feel like starting my real “work” in fact back in my youth i could work all night on a song and finish by dawn and feel like a king. The rest of my life was a trainwreck though ….but at the time i didn’t realise how good some of my writing was. I underestimated the worth of … Continue reading Reflections on the remains of the day

Concert news – friends performing include

Come alongs for new songs and friends – the remains of the day….Artists performing on Satirday August 6th include… 1. Marcus Sellwood MW (Marcus) Sellwood is an Auckland blues artist. He’s played under many guises in cafes, clubs, pubs and widely on the street for the last 20 years. His exciting electric guitar grooves and wry vocal style combine for a fresh take on blues music in the new millennium! 2. Basant Madhur Basant Madhur is a widely acknowledged tabla … Continue reading Concert news – friends performing include

Before the War – concert 6th August

Before the war is a song I co wrote with Ardy who wrote the lyrics in response to his experience fighting in the Iran / Iraq war in which more than a million people died . As with most wars the given reasons for the conflict probably had nothing to do with the publicised reasons. At a crossroads it was observed that military supplies for both sides were in a long line originating at the same source turning right or left … Continue reading Before the War – concert 6th August

Auckland Concert 10th June

Luke Hurley Auckland Concert 10th June

The last Auckland concert was a great event but many of you missed out so here is a return event at the same venue on June 10th at 7pm. Concert runs  from 7pm to 10pm at the Pioneer Women’s & Ellen Melville Hall upstairs off Freyberg Place. Tickets $20 each. If you need to know more call me on 021 0259 2919. Please come or sponsor someone to come in your place. The last show was a break even exercise so lets … Continue reading Auckland Concert 10th June

Showtime Auckland – 7pm – 18th March

Luke Hurley Concert

The show on Friday is gonna be Hi Fi.  The sound system is a top of the line Bose system. The soundman is Paul Crowther ex Split Enz drummer and inventor of the world famous hotcake effects pedal. My guests are Duncan Gilles songwriter and Basant Madur – world renowned tabla player. The venue is a much loved long standing one. The show starts at 7pm and cost is $20 at the door or you can pay online to save time. There … Continue reading Showtime Auckland – 7pm – 18th March

Busking is ‘the canary in the mine’ – concert Mar 18th

Very grateful for the support subscribers have given the somewhat difficult cause we are currently winning. It’s gone from the hopelessness of being stripped of my tools of trade to complete restitution largely due to your support. Now it’s time for a celebration concert on March – Friday the 18th at 7pm. Please come along for an informal evening where I play for you and we take tea breaks and just chew the fat like in days gone by. Like … Continue reading Busking is ‘the canary in the mine’ – concert Mar 18th

To Be Perfectly Honest

Honesty is an elusive quality is it not? “You don’t make money telling the truth” So what do you do? Confess  to anyone who will listen? Pray? Despair? Deny? I like the third option. My life in music has been one of a denial of reality in one sense and a keen awareness of it in another. It’s like there are two Lukes. The one who made Make Room and the one who made High Risk.  Working on the new album I discover a … Continue reading To Be Perfectly Honest