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Let Me Take You By The Hand And Lead You Thru The Streets Of Auckland

You have to visit the Auckland CBD to witness the exponential increase in homeless people

Property investors have had their fun in creating the biggest bubble in history.
While some wait for the bubble to burst with a slump in property values.
Others are experiencing the burst already in terms of not being able to afford a place to live.
And where do many of them head?

Into town or head for the hills.
The hills are better but if they end up in town where do they go?
The busiest corners and outside supermarkets of course
The giant supers in town have become streetpeoplecentral
Not for one or two but for three or twenty at a time hovering round the main entrances
And you know what?

It’s not my problem
It’s probably not your problem
It’s not the governments problem
Or the banks
Or the landlords
Or the vagrants themselves
You know what
It’s OUR problem

It affects everybody who arrives in our 100% clean green commercial capital delusion.
It’s beyond belief that a country that hosts some of the richest people and corporates in the world is happy to tolerate this situation. The rich have a duty to offer real support as only they can afford to build for the poor. And create a building industry concerned with the equitable and not just about equity and instant returns.
No one else can afford to.

One time I was playing outside a super and the manager and assistant manager told me I couldn’t play. I told them I could. See that story below.

That was back in the good old days when all they had to do was shoo away one street musician.
Now they need to move tuneless multitudes.
People with nothing to lose tend to stick around.
And people who can do concerts don’t need to play where they are not wanted.

Anyway. Speaking of concerts – there is one coming up and I am happy to report that Dave Alley has agreed to be wingman.

Check out the video he did in Dublin sometime back. Or this

Its easy to find on the You Tube
Dave is dynamic and down to earth and puts on a performance not to be missed.

“Dave Alley is influenced chiefly by Dylan, Bowie, Bukowski et al, Fry, Hendrix, Buddy Guy, Richard Thompson, Waits and the tones of Santana, Dave Alley isn’t sure who or what, musically & lyrically, he is. Ending up being a heavily refracted version of himself most of the time. Dave is a spiritually sonic cluster fuzz of atoms whizzing around and around and around, perhaps a little more so after good fresh-ground morning coffee..”

We have other guests and will keep you posted. Please come to the show and even consider sponsoring others to come in your place if you can’t come!

click here for tickets

All the best for now
Luke. Call me if you want to help with the show. Its only a week away 021 0259 2919

Concert at newly refurbished Ellen Melville Centre

Was thinking that blogging is very last week and not cool. Then it occurred to me that those  are great reasons to keep going.

It’s amazing how kind you people have been to me   I need to write to you often

The good news is that i have something to write about now that it is possible to return to my fav venue in its hugely improved condition.

The gig is on Friday 27 October in the Pioneer Women’s Hall at the Ellen Melville Centre, Freyberg Square, High Street, Auckland Central.

I have good memories of my first show there. This one is gonna follow that formula. Simple renditions of my best songs old and new. Instrumentals and a bit of a chat. We might even invite a guest or two. Please make this kind of event sustainable and  try to turn up or sponsor someone else to come in your place   tickets are  $20 as before .

Starts 7 pm and finishes late.  Call me if you need more info 02102592919 or feel inclined to be on the sales team.  Let’s get the word out. The more the merrier

Very grateful  to Audrey Van Ryn,  Andrew Howie and Phil Recordon  for without their help this concert would not be possible.  Also Clive for his great insight at times where I had no insight into my own behaviour.

I love both street and stage but the stage is less distracting for me and way more comfy for listeners.


Friday 27 October in the Pioneer Women’s Hall at the Ellen Melville Centre, Freyberg Square, High Street, Auckland Central. 7pm until 10pm. Tickets $20

Please think about supporting this one.  It’s gonna be fun

Tickets Oct 27 concert at Ellen Melville Centre – buy online

$20 a ticket  P.S click on orange buttons below to buy. You will be emailed directly by secure PayPal. Tickets will also be for sale on the door – bring cash. Doors open at 6pm.

One ticket $20 (NZD)
Two tickets $40 (NZD)

House concert at Wellspring – Parau

You are invited to a house concert where Luke Hurley will perform in the intimate settings of the house and outside on the land of Wellspring (3 Armour Rd , Parau) on Sunday 26th March from 3 to 5 pm

Beatrice writes

“Luke is a well known singer/songwriter and guitarist whose idiosyncratic and perceptive songs are admired by many.”

Refreshment will be served in the interval
Door Charge – $10 to $20 sliding scale
R S V P by email to or phone 09 817 555

It’s about the ideas and being prepared to share them

Thank you readers for supporting me in 2016.
Wonderful support and encouragement.
You brought me great happiness

We got the concerts underway
We got the equipment needed guitars that match different styles
Recordings also….But I have yet to promote these

Luke with Baritone guitar

Facundo made two albums of my live playing for release on his Argentinian label
He records for two days and VOILA he makes an album
His point is very valid.
The way things are now you can capture music easily

People want that
And if we musicians and writers of songs and music don’t give it to them…
why the people just help themselves or turn their attention towards artists who are more generous with their muse

It’s not about the equipment anymore
it’s about the ideas and being prepared to share them.

If you need me call 02102592919 I am happy to play at gatherings the smaller the better and also happy to teach my style. Your feedback would be most appreciated as I am keen to play more

Have a great Christmas and don’t let the Coke pimp convince your kids to love things and use people( instead of the other way around.)

Thank you Jason for managing the site. Good job!

Songs – drawn out of thin air

In this forthcoming show the emphasis is on the new and unfamiliar…especially improvised songs that are drawn out of thin air. Songs that i dare not sing to anyone! Like the one i made up last night  about a dreaming time wasting egocentric nincompoop just like me. Songs about the grim reaper.  Songs about life’s river –  a river so immense that it carries the stars in its flow. Many songs that come out of nowhere and which i play to no one.

Perhaps i will dare to share some of this madness.  It didn’t hurt John Lee Hooker. He could take a line and weave a song from one thread and commit it to wax.  Something recorded that can never be recaptured.  I am fascinated by this approach.

Marcus Sellwood - Photo: Clive Bartleet
Marcus Sellwood – Photo: Clive Bartleet

Marcus Sellwood will be playing his unique blend of blues. He has an astonishing technique.  You will be impressed and i will be nervous.  He’s a hard act to follow!

The show itself rolls out from 8pm but the venue is open from 6pm and i urge you to come early and convivialise.  This time we have a nice separation between chit chat space and concert. The concert is separate to the bar so its poss to flow between both at applause times…

Note also that this is the first time we have done this in an environment that is designed for film making   pity no one has offered to man a camera. All the gear is there but no operators as yet.  If you can work a camera pleeeeeeeeeeeease come forward.  We will look after you and its possible we can come up with a gem.  Its not often you get to gig in a movie studio.

Call me if you have any issues with coming 021 0259 2919. Or have any ideas. This show is going to be a lot of fun and i am very grateful to the owner of Lot23 for his support.  Cheers Steve.  Be safe and God bless. Hope to see you all at the gig.

Lot 23 Studio Gig

The next Auckland concert coming up is at Lot23 Studio. This is a great venue which includes a cafe, a bar, a gallery, a performance space and sound stage. This will be a showcase performance and the plan is to film the show. Also performing will be MW (Marcus) Sellwood and Duncan Gillies.

The doors open at 6pm for Tapas & Drinks. EFTPOS is available.  Tickets will be $25 each with a free (LH) album download of your choice to all of those who come along. You will have to be there to get the bonus album. This is a cosy space so don’t leave it too late to book. We will have door sales if space is available.


Lot 23 LTD 23 Minnie Street, Eden Tce, AK 1021 09 9744 733 Weekdays 7am-2.30pm

The photo below is from another gig at Lot 23 and gives you an idea of the space.



Tickets Nov 26 concert at Lot23 – buy online

$25 a ticket  P.S click on orange buttons below to buy. You will be emailed directly by secure PayPal. Tickets will also be for sale on the door – bring cash. Doors open at 6pm.

One ticket $25 (NZD)
2 tickets $50 (NZD)
4 tickets $100 (NZD)
Group of 10 -bring 9 of your friends & you get 2 free tickets for $200.00 (NZD)

Wondering what Lot 23 map looks like? Here is a clip from the mural making some time back to give you an idea. Also if you remember the cafe Brazil – Lot23 is where that unique coffee machine went to. That is worth a trip by itself. More history on Lot23 over here.

“The 1962 San Marco lever coffee machine was bought from the owners of the old Brazil cafe on K Rd. It uses only manual extraction techniques, meaning there are none of the fancy automated gizmos seen on modern machines. It truly is a piece of art in its own right.”