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Luke Hurley guitarist and singer songwriter from New Zealand.

It’s about the ideas and being prepared to share them

Thank you readers for supporting me in 2016.
Wonderful support and encouragement.
You brought me great happiness

We got the concerts underway
We got the equipment needed guitars that match different styles
Recordings also….But I have yet to promote these

Luke with Baritone guitar

Facundo made two albums of my live playing for release on his Argentinian label
He records for two days and VOILA he makes an album
His point is very valid.
The way things are now you can capture music easily

People want that
And if we musicians and writers of songs and music don’t give it to them…
why the people just help themselves or turn their attention towards artists who are more generous with their muse

It’s not about the equipment anymore
it’s about the ideas and being prepared to share them.

If you need me call 02102592919 I am happy to play at gatherings the smaller the better and also happy to teach my style. Your feedback would be most appreciated as I am keen to play more

Have a great Christmas and don’t let the Coke pimp convince your kids to love things and use people( instead of the other way around.)

Thank you Jason for managing the site. Good job!

Songs – drawn out of thin air

In this forthcoming show the emphasis is on the new and unfamiliar…especially improvised songs that are drawn out of thin air. Songs that i dare not sing to anyone! Like the one i made up last night  about a dreaming time wasting egocentric nincompoop just like me. Songs about the grim reaper.  Songs about life’s river –  a river so immense that it carries the stars in its flow. Many songs that come out of nowhere and which i play to no one.

Perhaps i will dare to share some of this madness.  It didn’t hurt John Lee Hooker. He could take a line and weave a song from one thread and commit it to wax.  Something recorded that can never be recaptured.  I am fascinated by this approach.

Marcus Sellwood - Photo: Clive Bartleet
Marcus Sellwood – Photo: Clive Bartleet

Marcus Sellwood will be playing his unique blend of blues. He has an astonishing technique.  You will be impressed and i will be nervous.  He’s a hard act to follow!

The show itself rolls out from 8pm but the venue is open from 6pm and i urge you to come early and convivialise.  This time we have a nice separation between chit chat space and concert. The concert is separate to the bar so its poss to flow between both at applause times…

Note also that this is the first time we have done this in an environment that is designed for film making   pity no one has offered to man a camera. All the gear is there but no operators as yet.  If you can work a camera pleeeeeeeeeeeease come forward.  We will look after you and its possible we can come up with a gem.  Its not often you get to gig in a movie studio.

Call me if you have any issues with coming 021 0259 2919. Or have any ideas. This show is going to be a lot of fun and i am very grateful to the owner of Lot23 for his support.  Cheers Steve.  Be safe and God bless. Hope to see you all at the gig.

Lot 23 Studio Gig

The next Auckland concert coming up is at Lot23 Studio. This is a great venue which includes a cafe, a bar, a gallery, a performance space and sound stage. This will be a showcase performance and the plan is to film the show. Also performing will be MW (Marcus) Sellwood and Duncan Gillies.

The doors open at 6pm for Tapas & Drinks. EFTPOS is available.  Tickets will be $25 each with a free (LH) album download of your choice to all of those who come along. You will have to be there to get the bonus album. This is a cosy space so don’t leave it too late to book. We will have door sales if space is available.


Lot 23 LTD 23 Minnie Street, Eden Tce, AK 1021 09 9744 733 Weekdays 7am-2.30pm

The photo below is from another gig at Lot 23 and gives you an idea of the space.



Tickets Nov 26 concert at Lot23 – buy online

$25 a ticket  P.S click on orange buttons below to buy. You will be emailed directly by secure PayPal. Tickets will also be for sale on the door – bring cash. Doors open at 6pm.

One ticket $25 (NZD)
2 tickets $50 (NZD)
4 tickets $100 (NZD)
Group of 10 -bring 9 of your friends & you get 2 free tickets for $200.00 (NZD)

Wondering what Lot 23 map looks like? Here is a clip from the mural making some time back to give you an idea. Also if you remember the cafe Brazil – Lot23 is where that unique coffee machine went to. That is worth a trip by itself. More history on Lot23 over here.

“The 1962 San Marco lever coffee machine was bought from the owners of the old Brazil cafe on K Rd. It uses only manual extraction techniques, meaning there are none of the fancy automated gizmos seen on modern machines. It truly is a piece of art in its own right.”

RNZ (Radio NZ) Needs Help

Lets get behind this campaign we don’t want the zoot suits to kill RNZ just like they have destroyed most every other creative outlet.

“Radio New Zealand is operating under an 8 year funding freeze. It is so poor that it has to sell its Auckland studios and then rent them back off the new owner. Please sign the petition on unfreeze its funding.

They are continually making a whole series of sacrifices in order to stay viable.

They shouldn’t be having to hustle for their survival, they should be adequately funded so that they can get on with doing their job – being a broadcaster!”

writes Jo Bond.

The person driving the campaign:
Jo Bond
Fund RNZ
021 180 1754

“I started this campaign because I believe that public broadcasting is important for a well-functioning democracy. Radio New Zealand has a fine reputation as a public service broadcaster, but it is being slowly eroded due to its financial constraints. We have already lost TVNZ7 which was a great source of information and analysis of issues which affect New Zealanders. We can’t afford to lose RNZ as well.”

Jo Bond

Help fund the FundRNZ Campaign (links to Givealittle campaign.)

There is also a petition over here if you want to help in that way.

Angel Gordon waiting to go on stage

The smalltime is the new bigtime

The thing that keeps me doing this is the idea that being a micro celebrity is probably more fun than the real thing except that there’s no money in it. Ha ha

Whereas a real celebrity might get thousands writing in to his blog …i get about one…..and that one person is more often than not my buddy who writes in to make it look like i have mail. Ha ha.

I heard a story about a real celebrity who used to be loved by millions. And how she would break down and cry some days when the postman passed her by.

“So what keeps people going when the machine lets them down?”

Well. It comes back to that one person who writes in. If that happens it can make your day. Please make our day!

And thanks to all of you who have come to any of the Luke & Friends concerts. Thanks also to Marcus Sellwood, Basant and the Professor; Duncan Gillies and Angel for playing at these shows. Pic below is from last weekend. More pics to come soon.

The next show is at Minnie St November 26. This time you can all get to see it (all one of you. Ha ha!) Its gonna be filmed and you can view the highlights in the comfort of your own phone/pc. More details coming soon so keep an eye out.

Angel Gordon waiting to go on stage
Photo: Clive Bartleet

You see it’s not about being “famous” its more about using technology to share ideas-emotions-rants and music. In this era everybody can be famous but what do we wanna SHARE.

Tell me please what YOU wanna share. Hop on board this micro machine!

Thanks to Clive wrote in about the last gig below…

A happy punter writes in

Last week on the evening of Saturday 22nd October at the Old Folks Association hall Ponsonby a special little entertainment event was taking place. The concert was a Luke Hurley and Friends gig, and what a surprising, varied and satisfying event it was. For a modest fee the audience were treated to a range of musical styles and skilled musicians.

Entertainment ranged from Lukes wonderful songs and innovative guitar work, delta blues played with passion and high energy,contemporary original acoustic songs and a memorable East meets West Indian and European fusion complimented by expertly interpreted classical Indian ragas played by an officianado of this form.

The whole quality experience was enhanced by the nourishing home cooked food for sale and the ambience that resulted giving the night a well rounded successful outcome. If everyone in the enthusiastic audience went away as satisfied as me, then all l can say there must a lot of satisfied punters.

Thanks to Luke and friends and we look forward to many more satisfying gigs in the near. Watch this space with expectation. Grateful punter Clive Bartleet.

Luke Hurley & Friends 22 Oct

October 22 concert – Coronation Hall – Auckland

The next Luke & Friends concert show will be a convivial mix of styles from me and my bros.. Duncan Gillies & Angel Gordon. Marcus Sellwood. Basant & The Professor.

The sound is taken care of by Paul Crowther -Split Enz original drummer. We will probably record some of the show. There will be good food on offer and the venue is close to a number of famous watering holes being situated on the edge of K Rd and Ponsonby Rd so you can always come and go as you fancy. Runsheet will be to schedule that will be chalked up for all to see.

Luke Hurley live Oct 22nd

This is the 4th show of its kind and the feedback has been promising. Its gonna be a good one and nowhere could you get this standard and variety for so little outlay. If you can make it pls come or sponsor someone else to come. It costs a lot to stage this event and we don’t want to carry a deficit. So far so good so lets do it again except this time to a full house!

Venue is 8 Gundry Street – just off K- Rd in Auckland. Map link to concert

Any questions pls call +64 21 0259 2919. Volunteers welcome btw. We need help to get the word out.

Dave Brent on Tour

Saw this at the Capitol cinema on Dominion Rd if you are in Auckland. It’s a clever movie. It’s great how Gervais further develops a character famous as a loser in a high profile doco and gives him the ambition to risk his pension fund on the road with a band of paid friends. Ironically the band is called ‘Foregone Conclusion’

There is a beautiful twist in the way this totally awkward cringe merchant – David (everyone knows a loser when they see one) Brent wins the natural affection of the friends he previously had to buy.

The love shines thru. He gets a glimpse of insight into his own behaviour and finds love back in the world he was trying to escape. A unique tragic-comic resolution – you gotta see it!

Please use the buttons below for Oct 22 concert tickets

$20 a ticko et  P.S click on orange buttons below to buy shopping cart. You will be emailed directly by secure PayPal. Tickets will also be for sale on the door – bring cash.

One ticket $20 (NZD)
2 tickets $40 (NZD)
4 tickets $80 (NZD)
Group of 10 -bring 9 of your buddies & you get a free ticket $180.00 (NZD)

The concert venue is 8 Gundry St, Hall entrance off Abbey St – see photo below. In some places it might be called ‘Old Folks Association Hall’ or Coronation Hall.


Poster: Plus large .PDF version below

Luke Hurley & Friends 22 Oct


Reflections on the remains of the day

i often feel kinda low biorhythmically especiaĺly earlier in the day. By the time the office workers are heading home i start to feel like starting my real “work” in fact back in my youth i could work all night on a song and finish by dawn and feel like a king.

The rest of my life was a trainwreck though ….but at the time i didn’t realise how good some of my writing was. I underestimated the worth of my material. Perhaps that was the secret.

Self Doubt can be a spur.
Concert Update: for tomorrow 6th August

  • We are pleased with the support so far. Radio campaign is covered and other expenses will be covered considerable tho they be BUT we need your input. Pls book here.
  • Kids have free entry and the event is family friendly
  • Refreshments will be available. A new development. However you welcome to bring a bento or other food.
  • The show will be recorded and filmed. The material will be original. Atmosphere convivial
  • Cost of entry minimal – with 5+ performers on the night

So; Turn your pc off. Watch Netflix some other time. Bring a friend if you have one and if you don’t come along and make new friends at the concert.

See you there and if you need help to find us call me on 021 0259 2919


Here is a taster from Duncan & Angel

But……there is one area where self doubt is not required…when reaching out to a long lost buddy. And i can illustrate it with this story

Long ago i went to a Berkley School of jazz course being held in Wellington. John Schofield was one of the guitar teachers. Love his playing still. Check him out.

At this course i also met Jeff Dickie from Dunedin. He told me that being a pro wasn’t for him and he preferred to look elsewhere for his livelihood. He went on to achieve great things both in music and other pursuits and for decades i have often reflected upon what he told me the best part of four decades ago. He is a great chap and i always felt in awe of him

I assumed he wouldn’t want to hear from me but for once i decided to give my self doubt a break.

I found his number and called and naturally expected him to be kinda distant and perplexed as to why i should call. His response was the reverse. He was very pleased to hear from me and filled me in on what he did immediately after the Berkley course. He also offered to play on my next recording session ….the last thing i expected! He is kindness itself.

Here is what he wrote to me following our chat regarding that time way back in the early 80s

“I went to the USA in 1981 to buy a Mesa Boogie amplifier. I read about them and couldn’t sleep until I had one. I went through epic iIiad sagas to get my hands on one….. the factory couldn’t supply me with one as the waiting list had a who’s who of world famous guitarists waiting.. Including Clapton, Townsend, BB King etc etc. I then spied what I wanted in a free San Francisco newspaper and rushed off to buy it. When I returned to my hotel I turned on the TV to find a bloke had sat down on the same park bench where I had read the paper an hour before and was shot dead by an unknown assailant! How did I digress to here? A week later I was traveling through the Rockies near Denver when the Greyline bus stopped at a small mountain village in the middle of nowhere. Pete Peterson, the red-neck bus driver suggested we try the one local bar for a beer and a sandwich. There we were greeted by John Hinckley Junior, who about a week later shot President Ronnie Reagan! This is absolutely true. “


By the way the show on Saturday. Let me explain

  1. It’s a long show why? It’s not just about me. We have some great acts and it starts early so families can come. Btw. Kids free
  2. It costs heaps but if it fills up we will cover expenses. If it doesn’t then the next show is gonna cost a lot more to attend so pleeeeeeeeease support it
  3. Bring by all means your own picnic. It’s not a cafe
  4. Come and go as ya please and yes you can get tickets at the door or now online BUT its filling up fast and with the interview on BFM from 6 tonight i aim to plug the last seats and fill the venue… “Every day is international blues music day” but apparently that happens tomorrow too.
  5. We have the best soundman and soundsystem that you can get. His name is Paul Crowther SPLIT ENZ drummer and Hotcake inventor
  6. Great friends – Basant. Tabla. Duncan and angel. Marcus. Steve. And mystery guest

I will be playing short sets early on and a long set to finish the show. It will be fun please come and or sponsor the event.

Thank you Alan for supporting the BFM campaign

Any questions? Call me 021 0259 2919