Graham Brazier – a Danger to Shipping

The first time I heard of Graham was way back in the day when Hello Sailor was creating a sensation in the same way as the Stones had a decade earlier in the old country. At that time I was living in the city famous for boasting a quarter capacity town hall for none other than the Beatles..again – more than a decade before. I wasn’t there when the Beatles played but I got to see Hello Sailor at the … Continue reading Graham Brazier – a Danger to Shipping

Steve Barkman Guitars

The new Steve Barkman 12 string arrived last week.  The guitar is a masterpiece handcrafted by Steve over many months. This is the third generation of the 12 string series. My brother Chris bought the very first one he made and gave it to me. It’s a sensational guitar. Someone with big dollars ought to get Steve to oversee the manufacture of this model cause its a world class instrument with a unique sound.

I write this blog over coffee with Jason Kemp my website brains and international rescue. Check out his blog too, he writes well and is expert in NZ music matters…its a passion of his.

Can’t thank you enough for taking an interest in this blog and for those who even contributed to make it possible to get this.

The pictures tell the story and we commissioned Nigel Yates to do a photo series on the maker and here it is. Nigel Yates has released three books of his photos and they are available thru Nigel so give him a call if you are keen to know more 021 236 2818.

Here is a list of the SB guitar specs. If you are a guitarist looking for a new guitar give Steve a call and ask him for the ‘Luke Hurley special’ …

Top: Western Red Cedar
Back & Sides: American Cherry
Neck: Silky Oak
Fretboard/ Bridge/ Tailedge / Heel Gap/ Logo/ Banding: Purple Heart
Headface: ‘Birdseye’ Macrocarpa
Rosette: Dyed Paua
Pickup: Highlander ‘1p1’
Finish: Durasilk
M/Heads: Gotoh Sep700

Photos: Nigel Yates

Contact Steve Barkman. Address: 15 Dickson St, Macandrew Bay 9014, Dunedin Phone: 03-476 1463 (021) 180 6249


Faith In Human Nature Restored

Thanks to the huge generosity of supporters the SB 12 string has arrived. It was made by Steve Barkman to replace the one that was stolen and surpasses even my highest expectations. Once it became clear that there were the funds to support us we gave the thumbs up for the finishing touches. There was a shortfall which was covered by my brother Paul who visited Steve recently and made the way clear. To cut a long story short…Anthony Skegg…my … Continue reading Faith In Human Nature Restored

If you need help just ask

We are getting used to consuming instant, ready-mix, rehash entertainment, Like a river flowing out of wide screens, Endless Home Box Office films and series deliver violence, sex, and psychotic fantasies of the highest production value but devoid of any real nourishment. HOME ENTERTAINMENT WITHOUT THE BOX OR THE OFFICE Who has the gumption to ask for simple, live original music played in their own space? It’s direct and intimate, and without the general craziness we have come to see … Continue reading If you need help just ask

SB 12 is now ready

It is with great pleasure that I can report that Steve Barkman has completed work on a replacement for my 12-string guitar. You will (remember when) _the last one got stolen_ ages ago and the media got involved trying to find it. For a long time now I have been answering the same question over and over: “Did you ever find it?”

We finally have a solution, and it is a brand spanking new Mk3. The old Mk1 reached a point … Continue reading SB 12 is now ready

How About That Then


The good news is that the St James Auckland is open again. The bad news is it closes in March 2016 for three years while a 39 story apartment block gets built next to it. That gives us a little window to do shows there. Go have a look. The doors are open daily and you are invited to walk around (and a cafe has setup.) “How about that then?” Reminds me of when my son was heading for the grand old … Continue reading How About That Then