Showtime Auckland – 7pm – 18th March

Luke Hurley Concert

The show on Friday is gonna be Hi Fi.  The sound system is a top of the line Bose system. The soundman is Paul Crowther ex Split Enz drummer and inventor of the world famous hotcake effects pedal. My guests are Duncan Gilles songwriter and Basant Madur – world renowned tabla player. The venue is a much loved long standing one. The show starts at 7pm and cost is $20 at the door or you can pay online to save time. There … Continue reading Showtime Auckland – 7pm – 18th March

Busking is ‘the canary in the mine’ – concert Mar 18th

Very grateful for the support subscribers have given the somewhat difficult cause we are currently winning. It’s gone from the hopelessness of being stripped of my tools of trade to complete restitution largely due to your support. Now it’s time for a celebration concert on March – Friday the 18th at 7pm. Please come along for an informal evening where I play for you and we take tea breaks and just chew the fat like in days gone by. Like … Continue reading Busking is ‘the canary in the mine’ – concert Mar 18th

To Be Perfectly Honest

Honesty is an elusive quality is it not? “You don’t make money telling the truth” So what do you do? Confess  to anyone who will listen? Pray? Despair? Deny? I like the third option. My life in music has been one of a denial of reality in one sense and a keen awareness of it in another. It’s like there are two Lukes. The one who made Make Room and the one who made High Risk.  Working on the new album I discover a … Continue reading To Be Perfectly Honest

The more things change the more they stay the same

Recently recorded at  Roundhead Studio  thanks to Adrian’s sponsorship. It’s a great studio and the mic is like miracle in steel and the curtain of fairy lights makes you sound better. Tony Parker the producer made a clip on his iPhone sampling some of the sounds me and Basant were experimenting with. See clip below. But it won’t as yet  give you  the sound  from the Neuman 47 -the miracle in steel. As you can see I am playing the SB  … Continue reading The more things change the more they stay the same

A personal 10 commandments list – Graham Brazier

Graham shared his father’s 10 commandments with me one day in the bookshop and I happened to capture the moment on my phone. This set of commandments continues the idea of “words to live by” that he mentioned on an earlier visit. Amazingly in that poem shared earlier is the line “In the center of your heart and my heart there is a wireless station; so long as it receives messages of beauty, hope, cheer, courage and power from men and … Continue reading A personal 10 commandments list – Graham Brazier

Graham Brazier – a Danger to Shipping

The first time I heard of Graham was way back in the day when Hello Sailor was creating a sensation in the same way as the Stones had a decade earlier in the old country. At that time I was living in the city famous for boasting a quarter capacity town hall for none other than the Beatles..again – more than a decade before. I wasn’t there when the Beatles played but I got to see Hello Sailor at the … Continue reading Graham Brazier – a Danger to Shipping

Steve Barkman Guitars

The new Steve Barkman 12 string arrived last week.  The guitar is a masterpiece handcrafted by Steve over many months. This is the third generation of the 12 string series. My brother Chris bought the very first one he made and gave it to me. It’s a sensational guitar. Someone with big dollars ought to get Steve to oversee the manufacture of this model cause its a world class instrument with a unique sound.
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