My new glass guitar slide

After playing at the Tui Community in Takaka I called into STONE ARROW JEWELLERY which is located on the property and asked the owner Nick Feint if he could make me a slide for my guitar. He immediately asked me to select a bottle that might work and suggested 42 below Vodka. Great! I don’t drink but the alcohol trade has this very useful spinoff just like the baking trade has plastic cards which can be turned into picks! First Continue Reading ››

Human good will

Recently i returned to Countdown. This is what i saw. So there it is. More like a correction centre than a shop. If someone wants to share music with customers surely that is a human right? The ownership of the land and building surely does not give the owner authority to prohibit human activity that is encouraging human goodwill. Check out the parking contract. It’s absurd. Check out the (The Sound) video Simon Raby directed which was shot in this Continue Reading ››

A proper catch up

Please forgive my long absence from writing to you all. Since London i have been on a learning curve. One part of my Euro trip still haunts me. I was looking out the window of the Boeing 777 and noticed a thread of black smoke trailing out of the engine. I asked the stewardess if this was normal…she didn’t know…nor did the other cabin staff. They alerted the captain and he explained later that it was quite normal. Until we Continue Reading ››

The Big Bang -Sound – live at TEDxAuckland 2014

I will be playing a couple of songs at TEDxAuckland. One of those songs will likely be “The Sound” which featured in an un-famous NZ movie called “Insatiable Moon”. Thanks for stopping by. “It all started with a sound, Look you here this solid ground, We’re living in deep space….for lyrics.” Here we are at the Aotea Centre doing a ten minute spot Aug 16th. Did three songs, River, Only love and The sound. .”You don’t make money telling the Continue Reading ››

This is the age of the civilised robot

I wrote a song called “Shadow Of The Factory” At that time I was working at a slaughterhouse Hosing down beef carcasses and listening to Hamlet on my sony walkman… Here is that song. BTW – my Best of Album is now on bandcamp The Best of by luke hurley The headphone speakers were installed inside ear muffs I was pleased with my innovation My dayjob was merely theatre The Royal Shakespeare Company performed Hamlet with me in my little Continue Reading ››

Blaise Pascal Observes

Blaise Pascal observes the absurdity of the human condition when it is out of sync with the divine or “absolute”. He observes the irony of life and the futility of claiming to have great knowledge.. He sums it up here “Instead of complaining that God has kept himself hidden, you will give him thanks that he has made himself so visible and you will give him further thanks that he has not revealed himself to the wise people full of Continue Reading ››

Great Shackleton It’s Good to be Home

It’s great to be back in NZ. Getting used to the different operating frequency. Certainly more easy going but its hard to take advantage of this you soon adjust to the change and do less with more time. Parkinsons Law …A task expands to fill the time available for its completion Hence since getting back I have become a star on NZ IDLE Talent scouts at the Ministry Of Social Development snapped me up I have a retainer I have Continue Reading ››