Australia then home

TODAY i head for oz My Samsung is now SAMDUNG It dont work at all So no photos Boo hoo The trip has so far been great There is a lot of Goodwill in the world I have been very fortunate so far Today I fly to OZ from Germany Will get another camera soon Until then I cant Keep you in the Picture but will be thinking of you all Really greatful for the Support given to me on Continue Reading ››

London Adventures cont.

Shackelton got his rope from this very shop. More than a hundred and ten years in biz Harper Collins. Went to harper collins to deliver some demos of an album of mine from back in the day I want them to publish my wee bookie with free album enclosed. Lots of rigmarole to get in. But i just wanted to deliver demos to editors. I am a big fan of Hamlet. Didn’t meet Ophelia though.

London Pt 2

Smart phone? yeah right. My smart phone alerted me to this place. The gate keeper told me there was a dress code i wasn’t cracking and that a ss was gonna set me back £50. These girls cracked it. The chosen ones heading for sushivana. The traditional pub. With a traditional pokey Leaning postbox. A real letter is something we all like to get but no one wants to send.

London Streets 2014

This is a genuine licensed London busker. To get a job like this you have to apply to be auditioned….wait several years to be auditioned and have about one chance in one hundred of being selected. Many are called few are chosen. And when you do get taken on you are not allowed to sell anything nor are you permitted to hand out even a biz card nor display any signs cause one company has sole advertising rights on everything Continue Reading ››

Strumming in the Bergen Sunshine


Strum in the Bergen sun (in Norway.) Was going to play in the square but another busker claimed this huge jurisdiction belonged to him so rather than engage in hostilities it was easier to was very fine and people kind. Professional pleader. One heck of a way to get by but these guys really need help and not just cash… This shop has been running for 100 years. Beautiful fishcakes. Delicious. Here is the center of Bergen. There are Continue Reading ››

From Denmark to Norway

Norway. Staying with my friend Tom Mountjoy and this is his Norwegian forest cat otherwise known as “the fuffy one”. His dad Jim was a good friend to me back in the 80s in Dunedin. Recreational fur ball removal. Dr Tom Mountjoy is a researcher barman, Gym instructor and part time furball remover…has scissors will travel. The sailors rest. Ulrik, the guy who sponsored my trip to Europe dropped me off here last Saturday night after a great little show Continue Reading ››