Where are the best live music venues in Auckland?

My friend Ulrik the guy who hired me to play in Denmark is coming to visit next month. He wants me to show him any clubs in Auckland where live music happens. Anyone out there know of any? One 2 One is a possible…if you can get in the door. It’s always packed. But where else is there? I am out a touch. If you are reading this blog could you do me a favour? Write in and share your Continue Reading ››

Broken Hallelujah – new film

There will be a screening of Broken Hallelujah this Friday 17th at Rialto Newmarket, with a Q&A after the screening with the film makers, Alastair and Vanessa Riddell and key cast Ben Mitchell and Greg Smith. We really hope you can make it and support the film, look forward to seeing you there. After that you can see it for 3-5 weeks at the cinema. Watch the trailer below. The film includes music by me as a busker. BROKEN HALLELUJAH (Trailer) Continue Reading ››

Words to live by

My friend Brazier with his baby.  He can sometimes be found in his bookshop in Dominion Rd.  Graham was a founding member of legendary NZ band Hello Sailor. Somehow it is no surprise to find the songwriter of “Billy Bold” and many other songs at home with books and words. The shop abounds with interesting things. Here is a note Graham’s mum typed out many years ago. There are a few differences but most of this comes from a very Continue Reading ››

Hone and his horse

Meet Hone Heke and his horse. They trot into Nelson regular and park up where they will and have been doin so for many moons.  Hone Heke is his name….  But not by birth. (the real Hone Heke is here) This Hone is also thumbing his nose at authority and gaining stature as a monumental misfit , widely despised and marginally loved he offers rides to anyone brave enough to be seen riding high on his cart. Nelson is a Continue Reading ››

My new glass guitar slide

After playing at the Tui Community in Takaka I called into STONE ARROW JEWELLERY which is located on the property and asked the owner Nick Feint if he could make me a slide for my guitar. He immediately asked me to select a bottle that might work and suggested 42 below Vodka. Great! I don’t drink but the alcohol trade has this very useful spinoff just like the baking trade has plastic cards which can be turned into picks! First Continue Reading ››

Human good will

Recently i returned to Countdown. This is what i saw. So there it is. More like a correction centre than a shop. If someone wants to share music with customers surely that is a human right? The ownership of the land and building surely does not give the owner authority to prohibit human activity that is encouraging human goodwill. Check out the parking contract. It’s absurd. Check out the (The Sound) video Simon Raby directed which was shot in this Continue Reading ››

A proper catch up

Please forgive my long absence from writing to you all. Since London i have been on a learning curve. One part of my Euro trip still haunts me. I was looking out the window of the Boeing 777 and noticed a thread of black smoke trailing out of the engine. I asked the stewardess if this was normal…she didn’t know…nor did the other cabin staff. They alerted the captain and he explained later that it was quite normal. Until we Continue Reading ››