SB 12 is now ready

It is with great pleasure that I can report that Steve Barkman has completed work on a replacement for my 12-string guitar. You will (remember when) _the last one got stolen_ ages ago and the media got involved trying to find it. For a long time now I have been answering the same question over and over: “Did you ever find it?”

We finally have a solution, and it is a brand spanking new Mk3. The old Mk1 reached a point … Continue reading SB 12 is now ready

How About That Then


The good news is that the St James Auckland is open again. The bad news is it closes in March 2016 for three years while a 39 story apartment block gets built next to it. That gives us a little window to do shows there. Go have a look. The doors are open daily and you are invited to walk around (and a cafe has setup.) “How about that then?” Reminds me of when my son was heading for the grand old … Continue reading How About That Then

Everything we do is part of the art

There is a Billy Apple exhibition on in Auckland My friend Clive rates him highly Clive pointed out to me that everything we do is part of the art The artist himself is a brand and everything he does makes up that brand The thing I really like about Billy is this …that the artist himself IS the art So everything he does is relevant There is no real point in trying to hide behind a thin veneer of bling … Continue reading Everything we do is part of the art

What a gravy train

Last night my good friend Nev Copland gave me a very expensive ticket to the Eagles at Mt Smart. A highlight was when the crowd chimed in on Hotel California and seemed to know every word of it. The ticket prices were insane. I had no idea that the showbiz world had managed to schmoooze so much hard earned bread out of ardent punters. Would you pay 700 plus for a ticket? Even a cheap seat was close to 150. … Continue reading What a gravy train

In your wildest dreams the real life stories of the street

You could not script it in your wildest dreams the real life stories of the street. Things happen that you just don’t understand. Like the guy on the pushbike who does a wheelstand riding full speed down Queen St block after block. He does this often. Why? Who knows? Or the guy who forever checks out the bins going about his quest in the manner of a professional he is retrieving left over drinks to top up the paper cup … Continue reading In your wildest dreams the real life stories of the street

Where are the best live music venues in Auckland?

My friend Ulrik the guy who hired me to play in Denmark is coming to visit next month. He wants me to show him any clubs in Auckland where live music happens. Anyone out there know of any? One 2 One is a possible…if you can get in the door. It’s always packed. But where else is there? I am out a touch. If you are reading this blog could you do me a favour? Write in and share your … Continue reading Where are the best live music venues in Auckland?

Broken Hallelujah – new film

There will be a screening of Broken Hallelujah this Friday 17th at Rialto Newmarket, with a Q&A after the screening with the film makers, Alastair and Vanessa Riddell and key cast Ben Mitchell and Greg Smith. We really hope you can make it and support the film, look forward to seeing you there. After that you can see it for 3-5 weeks at the cinema. Watch the trailer below. The film includes music by me as a busker. BROKEN HALLELUJAH (Trailer) … Continue reading Broken Hallelujah – new film